TAG Systems Finland Oy
Tag Systems Finland Oy is a technology company specializing in high-tech payment and identification solutions. We are specialists in smart card solutions and provide products and services to banks and retailers in Finland and the Baltics.

Our specialists have a long-term experience in smart card technology and related systems and services. We have been leading demanding EMV card and personalization projects in tens of countries within Europe, Middle East and Latin America.

We also offer creative card design services in order to support our customer banks to finalize their creative ideas to high quality EMV Visa and MasterCard products.
2008 - Product sales to Finnish and Baltic banks

2009 - Perso services to Finnish customers started

2010 - VISA and MasterCard certified personalization center at Vantaa

2011 - TAG Systems Finland acquired card personalization business of First Data in Latvia and Lithuania.

2012 - New modern and secure premises were prepared in Riga, Latvia and VISA and MasterCard certified Baltic personalization site was opened. Personalized cards and PINs are delivered daily to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

2013 - EVRY ASA, one of the leading companies in the Nordic region, acquired 100% of shares in TAG Systems Finland Oy and TAG Systems Finland become part of EVRY.
EVRY is one of the leading IT companies in the Nordic countries, with a strong local and regional presence in 50 Nordic towns and cities. Through its knowledge, solutions and technology, EVRY contributes to the development of the information society of the future, and so creates value for the benefit of its customers and for society as a whole. EVRY combines in-depth industry knowledge and technological expertise with a local delivery model and International strength.

EVRY has some 10,000 employees, and the company is committed to demonstrating that Nordic customers are best served by a supplier that understands Nordic business from the inside. EVRY reports annual turn over approaching NOK 13 billion. The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and operates from headquarters at Fornebu in Bærum, with major activities in both the Norwegian and Swedish market.