TAG Systems Finland Oy
Our product portfolio includes multi-application smart cards with contact, contactless or dual interface chips embedded. Our smart card technology is based on the latest EMV and other industrial standards.

Our plastic card body manufacturing is the most innovative in the field of payment cards. We can offer cards with different shapes and textures and other latest special features.
We can offer data preparation and personalization service for EMV, loyalty and PKI cards and also flexible and cost effective solution to deliver fully personalized cards directly to card holder. Our services also include secure data transfer, logistics, key management and PIN mailing.

We can provide solutions for card management systems, card activation, call centers, transaction surveillance systems, lost and stolen services and loyalty processing.

We are proud to offer consultation in all areas of smart card and personalization platforms, setting up personalization sites, designing card bodies, defining EMV applications, developing Java applets and smart card operating systems, project management, system integration and training.

TAG Systems Finland is specialized in developing and delivering high security smart card solutions for banks, public sector organizations and private companies. Our EMV payment cards, PKI cards and contactless card solutions are implemented according to the latest technologies and standards. In addition to standard card products, we can also develop tailor-made solutions to meet customer's individual requirements. TAG Systems Finland Oy has also a long and extensive experience in working with EMV card and ID document personalization centers. Our specialists have been involved with personalization center projects in more than 15 countries.

TAG Systems Finland Oy is a part of EVRY.

EVRY is one of the leading IT companies in the Nordic region. Through ideas, technology and solutions, EVRY brings information to life, creating value for its customer’s businesses and making a positive contribution to society.
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EVRY acquires TAG Systems Finland Oy
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